The object of the UQLA textbook programme is to ensure that financially disadvantaged students have ready access to the key textbooks which are critical to their legal studies.

In consultation with the Law School, the UQLA will be seeking to identify the key textbooks which are required for each subject on the curriculum.

When new editions of these textbooks are published, the UQLA will be seeking to fund the acquisition of up to five copies of these texts for short-term use in the UQ Law Library.

The UQLA regards this programme as one of its most important initiatives, because of the key role which high-quality textbooks play in the study of the law.

It is an initiative which, because of its ambitious size, can only be fully implemented with the support of the publishers.

The UQLA wishes to particularly acknowledge the very generous support and encouragement of Thomson Reuters and LexisNexis, whose financial support has made this programme possible.

Copies of the following textbooks have been made available in the high use section of the Law Library as a part of the programme:

Paterson et al, Principles of Contract Law (Thomson Reuters, 5th ed, 2015) (LAWS1701 and LAWS1701 - Law of Contract I and II)
Schloenhardt, Queensland Criminal Law (OUP, 4th ed, 2015) (LAWS2113 - Criminal Law and Procedure A)
Douglas et al,  
Criminal Process in Queensland (Thomson Reuters, 2nd ed, 2017) (LAWS2114 - Criminal Law and Procedure B)
Creyke et al, Control of Government Action: Text, Cases and Commentary (LexisNexis, 4th ed, 2015) (LAWS2115 - Administrative Law)
Aronson et al, Judicial Review of Administrative Action and Government Liability (Thomson Reuters, 6th ed, 2017) (LAWS2115 - Administrative Law)
Sadiq, Principles of Taxation Law (Thomson Reuters, 2017) (LAWS3101 - Income Tax Law)

Webb and Stephenson, Land Law (Lexis Nexis, 4th ed, 2015) (LAWS3111 and LAWS3112 - Law of Property A and B)
Wallace et al, Real Property Law in Queensland (Thomson Reuters, 4th ed, 2015) (LAWS3111 and LAWS3112 - Law of Property A and B)
Harland et al, Family Law Principles (Thomson Reuters, 2nd ed, 2015) (LAWS5121 - Family Law)

Australian Master Family Law Guide (CCH, 9th ed, 2017) (LAWS5121 - Family Law)
Stewart, Stewart's Guide to Employment Law (Federation Press, 5th ed, 2015) (LAWS5122 - Labour Law)
Creighton and Stewart, Labour Law (Federation Press, 6th ed, 2016) (LAWS5122 - Labour Law)

Bates, Environmental Law in Australia (LexisNexis, 9th ed, 2016) (LAWS5134 - Environmental Law)
The Australian Tax Handbook 2018 (Thomson Reuters, 2018) (LAWS5144 - Introduction to Taxation Law)
Davidson, Social Media and Electronic Commerce Law (Cambridge University Press, 2nd ed, 2016) (LAWS5151 - Law and Technology)
Harris, Cases and Materials on International Law (Thomson Reuters, 8th ed, 2015) (LAWS5154 - Public International Law)
Davies and Dickey, Shipping Law (Thomson Reuters, 4th ed, 2016) (LAWS5160 - Maritime Law)
Cairns, Principles of Civil Procedure in Queensland (Thomson Reuters, 2015) (LAWS5215 - Civil Procedure)
Field, Queensland Evidence Law (LexisNexis, 4th ed, 2017) (LAWS5216 - Law of Evidence)
Dal Pont, Lawyers’ Professional Responsibility (Thomson Reuters, 6th ed, 2016) (LAWS5217 - The Legal Profession)
Murray and Harris, Keay’s Insolvency: Personal and Corporate Law and Practice (Thomson Reuters, 9th ed, 2016) (LAWS5220 - Personal and Corporate Insolvency)
Thomas, Cairns and Cullen, Uniform Civil Procedure Queensland 2016 (Thomson Reuters, 2016) (LAWS5215 - Civil Procedure)