criminal trial 

To supplement the courses on criminal law and evidence, the UQLA and the Law School offer a programme which gives students a guided view of a criminal trial.

This programme is currently presented at the Supreme Court in Brisbane.

With the assistance of the Supreme Court, a pending criminal trial which is of suitable length and subject matter for study is selected.   Students are then briefed, in advance, about the background and issues to be resolved in this trial. They are then invited to attend the trial, either in the trial courtroom itself or in an adjacent courtroom into which a live video of the trial is streamed and where the events of the trial can be discussed.  At the conclusion of the trial, a seminar analysing the events of the trial is conducted at the Supreme Court Library, which is led by a panel comprising the Trial Judge and the Counsel who appeared at the trial.

The UQLA is very grateful for the continuing support for this programme provided by the Chief Justice and Judges of the Supreme Court, the Offices of the Director of Public Prosecutions and Legal Aid, and the participating barristers and solicitors.